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Hello and welcome to Flory Models

Here at Flory models we are all about the wonderful world of scale modelling.

Here you’ll find A wealth of information with our extensive video tutorials covering all aspects of scale modelling, covering basic modelling, glues, Fillers and sanding, Re-scribing, painting and finishing. There is also a whole library covering Airbrushing, from setting up for the first-time trough to cleaning and troubleshooting problems you might have. Phil Flory is always on hand to answer and questions you might have and ether shoot you a video covering your problem or talk you through it via a pre-arranged skype call to get you back on track in no time.

Plus, there is over 100 full video builds covering everything from talking about the kit and plans for the build, opening the box through the construction, adding after-market parts such as Photo-Etched parts, resin or scratch building parts required and then the painting stage with airbrushing and all the tips and tricks to bring your model to life, to the final reveal at the end, nothing is missed out and every set is covered in detail. These video’s and be anything from a ten part, five-hour video through to the big megger builds with twenty 30 minute videos.

Flory models is much more, with our family friendly forum with over two thousand ACTIVE members from all over the world to help encourage you no matter if your new to the hobby and old hand, everyone is the to help.

In the forum, we have twice a year a group build wear we come together to build a subject or time in history. We keep a build log throughout our builds so that others and be inspired to follow along with you or to look back for years to come to use as a build guild for others. Every completed entry into these group builds will also get free a medal and gifts just for finishing.

You will also get to see Phil’s daily Vlogs and builds every week day plus live Q&A shows and One Day Builds, There’s other work from the flory models team exclusively for members and not available on YouTube for free

That’s not all! Your also get 15% off the whole Flory models range of Washes, Sanders, Pigments and merchandise.

Annual Subscription is just £40.00pa (10p per day)  or  Monthly is just £4.00pm  (13p per day)

When Registering Please use your real name !! (use of real names mandatory, except for the special circumstances)