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15% off all the Flory models range of Washes, Sanders and Pigments

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How does the payment process work?

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What will appear on a user's credit card statement?

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How can a user cancel their paid access subscription?

A user can cancel their Paid Access subscription by visiting their PayPal account. They would need to disable the recurring charges for the forum membership under their PayPal account.

A user can cancel their subscription or recurring payment by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Click Profile near the top of the page.

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  4. In the My pre-approved payments section, click Update.

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Cancelling their recurring payment profile on PayPal ensures that they won't be billed again. Once the remaining time for the purchased paid subscription expires, the user would automatically be removed from the Paid user group and would no longer have paid access.

Please read all of this before entering the forum.

You are paying for this forum and therefore we consider it to be yours. However please be aware that this is a family forum. It is not just for adults it is also for children over the age of 13. Many of us also have small children that see our computers and it is our mission to encourage youngsters into the modelling world and not to push them away.

Therefore for following rules must be adhered to anyone found to be in breach of the following will immediately be locked out.

Please read all of the Terms and Conditions of your Membership, before entering either the Forum, Chat Room and/or use the Florymodels External Web Site.


  • All members of the Flory models Web Site, its Forum must acknowledge, understand and comply henceforth with set rules. They apply to every part of Florymodels including, but not limited to, thread titles, message posts, user profiles, avatar images, custom member titles and the forum’s Private Message e-mail system.

  • Anyone determined to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Membership will be contacted and can consist of a moderator restriction, a temporary suspension, extended suspensions, or an outright ban from our External Web Site and Forum.

  • You have the ability, as you register, to choose your username. We advise that you keep this name appropriate and do not use offensive or suggestive terms.

  • After you register and login to this Forum, you will be able to fill out a detailed profile. It is your responsibility to present non offensive and accurate information. Any information the Forum owner or staff determines to be inaccurate or inappropriate in nature will be removed, with or without prior notice.

  • Partial refunds in case of a termination decision, will be considered, but not guaranteed and are reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Do not give others your password or account details. When a violation is determined you will be permanently terminated from Florymodels and its Forum, no re-in statement will be granted under any circumstances and no refunds will be credited.

  • Do not pretend to be or represent somebody else. Your account will be immediately deleted, no re-in statement will be granted under any circumstances and no refunds will be credited.

  • You are paying for this Forum and therefore we consider it to be yours within the given Terms and Conditions of this agreement between you the member and Florymodels.

  • Be aware that this is a family Forum. It is not just for adults it is also for children over the age of 13. Many of us also have small children that see our computers and it is our mission to encourage youngsters into the plastic modeling hobby arena.

  • The Forum are for plastic modeling hobby discussions only.

  • There are to be no political, religious or racial debates within the Forum area

    • Note: the chat room transcripts are electronically monitored & stored for future reference in case of a dispute settlement requirement.

  • There is to be no profanity, violence, bullying or intimidation or topics of a sexual or risqué nature.

  • The views expressed on the board are entirely those of individual members. Flory models and any of its sponsors accept no responsibility for the content posted or the accuracy of information provided.

  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of Flory models, its staff, and its subsidiaries.

  • If you feel anything is unclear then please contact a Moderator for clarification.



  • The Flory models forum has not implemented a specific Model Critique’s area, as such the following applies:

    • This is to be a friendly and helpful place, where novice and experienced modelers alike can interact and help each other improve the overall modeling experience.

    • There is to be no criticism of others or others work. We are all here to help and therefore all comments shall be given in a positive worded and constructive manner.

    • If you notice an inaccuracy on one of the models presented on Flory models and you have some carefully worded constructive criticism to offer, then we suggest to contact the modeler in question privately via means of the PM system.

    • Comments received about your posted work should be taken not as criticism but seen as general assistance and helpful advice. Should you receive offending comments please contact the Moderator for his review and action.

  • If you see anything in the forums or chat room that you are unhappy about, please report it to the Moderators of the forum.

  • Remember, we all started somewhere. No question is a stupid question. Please help others at all times.


Posting rules:

  • Ensure you are posting a message in the most appropriate Forum Sub Category. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong place will be moved without prior contact and is the Forum Moderator’s job duty and right.

  • Do not exclusively use CAPITAL LETTERS! This is considered SHOUTING on a forum. Your keyboard has a ‘Caps Lock’; please turn it off when posting within the Forum or Chat room. This includes topic titles and message posts/replies.

  • Swearing is strictly forbidden. This also includes substituting letters with asterisks (“***”). If in doubt, don’t use the word. Offending posts will be deleted and the offending member will be issued a first warning.

  • Keep all posts on-topic, this rule is flexible and diversity is welcomed, Flory models reserves the right to remove/edit posts.

  • You must use clear and legible English at all times. Some leeway is given if English is not your first language but please remember that this is a UK/USA website and English is the 1st choice of language for postings. Moderators may alter or delete posts that don’t make sense because of poor spelling and/or grammar.

  • The Moderators’ decision is always final and NOT open for public discussion, however a Moderator will usually contact you via the board’s Private Message e-mail system to explain why a particular action has been taken, although this is not implicit.

  • The Moderators reserve the right to not notify a Member of their actions but you are encouraged to contact them if you feel aggrieved.

  • No spamming is permitted! This includes anything in your signature. We reserve the right to remove posts, without warning or reason, if we deem the subject inappropriate or not within the best interest of the Flory Models Forum.

  • If you are posting a general question, then check that your question has not been answered before, use the search feature before posting. This also applies to news and information; you may be duplicating a thread that has previously been started. If this is the case then expect the new thread to be locked with a link posted to the original.

  • Choose an appropriate subject line for your “Topic Title” when starting a new thread. Think about this carefully; describe what you are about to post. Things like “In need of help” or “This is amazing” doesn’t really help a viewer of the Forum and decide if they want to spend the time opening and reading your post.

  • When in doubt please use common sense, self-moderation is the best way to keep Flory models a clean and tidy Message Board.

  • If a member receives 3 official warnings then their posting rights will be removed and their account indefinitely suspended. In other words you may receive 2 official warnings and the third will instantly and automatically result in a ban. Under no circumstances will official warnings be removed or revoked; once one is issued it shall remain. Sometimes Moderators will deem it necessary to only issue a verbal warning, however if you ignore this and persist to break rules then further action will be taken and the verbal warning may count as an official warning, in addition to any further warning(s).

  • If you feel a post violates any of above rules, is offensive in any way, please bring this issue to the attention of a moderator, don’t try to resolve the issue yourself.

  • Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded and stored electronically for future reference and case disputes needs.

  • The site is GDPR compliant and you can opted in and out of emails via the forum

    We collect information about you in order to provide you with the goods and services you have requested from us, to comply with our contractual obligations and notify you of any changes to our services. The information we collect about you includes your name, address, email and telephone number.
    Name, address, Email.
    When signing up for a Flory models subscription or purchasing from the flory model’s website.
    Your Rights. 
    You have the right to cancel at any time and all records will be deleted at the time of cancellation.
    We do not sell or sell any of your details, emails, names, address etc with any 3rd parties 

Rights of Ownership of Digital Media:

  • Condition of the Florymodels membership requires that (you the member) will acknowledge any photos (whether in progress builds, reference photo’s and or own photographs taken at air shows) and which you physically post to the Florymodels website and/or Forum area will remain your digital property, or you have the copyright owners permission to post or electronically re-distribute as such.

  • All Florymodels members will grant a limited license for the images they post within the forum, with the individual forum member being liable for the content of those posted images,

  • Full credit will be provided to the original owner of said images.

  • In addition the physical action of posting any digital media to the Florymodels website and/or Forum area, you are hereby acknowledging that such media is provided with full re-distribution rights to the site owner (Florymodels) and Florymodels will be able to use any of those images posted to improve and promote the aims of Florymodels and to the benefit of its membership without prior written notification or permission requests. 

  • Florymodels understands that the original copyright remains that of the member. Should you (the member) have any doubts for posting any digital media on the Florymodels web site and/or Forum, please contact us for further evaluation and refrain from further posting until a full agreement has been reached by Florymodels and you (the owner of the digital media).

  • All digital media posted will be considered under the above described conditions, no exceptions.

  • Submission of any written article and associated photos to Florymodels (such as, but not limited to; in box reviews, video’s and construction techniques) constitutes permission for this entity to edit for content and to publish or re-distribute those materials indefinitely.

  • While the author will retain copyright of the original article and images, submission of those materials to Florymodels constitutes irrevocable permission to keep that article online indefinitely, whether via Video Blogs, YouTube, blogs, Twitter notifications and/or other online tools and marketing capabilities.

  • Photo postings are most welcome but if the photos posted are not your own ensure to credit the original photographer and/or source, and ensure you have permission to do so BEFORE posting them.

  • Image dimensions should be no larger than 1024 pixels on the longest edge, and file sizes should not exceed the maximum of 250KB each.