Sopwith Camel
Scale: 1/32

Manufacturer: Wing Nut Wings
Parts used: Out Of The Box
Main paints used: Tamiya and Xtream Metals

In part one, we work on the construction of the cockpit and the wood effects

In part two, we finish off the cockpit and add it the fuselage halves before working on the wings and engine. Then it’s over to the spray booth to prime up using AK’s micro primer.

In Part three we work on the paint work with the light underside masked for the ribbing effect to show through and the the upper color

In part four, we continue in the spray booth and have a change of heart with the colors we chose and make a custom mix and then move on to the dacaling

In Part Five, we weather the Camel with oils and take a in depth look at filtering.

In the final part, we rig the Camel with Brass and Knitting in elastic and the weather with oils ready for the final reveal