Tu-95 Bear

Scale: 1/72

Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Parts used: Out of the box build 
Main paints used: Tamiya and Hattaka


In part one, we talk about re-riveting and use Rosie the Riveter and debarring parts

In Part two, we install the engines and tack care of all the filling and sanding before moving onto the fuselage

In Part three, We start the clean up with sanding and filler the fuselage.

In part four, we clean up the re-scribing work and polish out the seam lines and fix the canopy

In part five, We start on the paint work using AK Extreme metals and the start on the massive masking and picking out panel in different shades and colors

In Part seven, we post shade the bear with MRP Steel and then add a Dark Dirt wash over the entire model before working on the gear

On part eight, We weather the gear and flat spot the tires to as a weight on wheel effect and install the gear, then it painting the massive props.

In this final part, we post shade the engine exhausts and add PVA windows and the post weathering with Oils and oil washes ready for the final reveal!!