Mi-24 Hind

Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Parts used: Eduard Big Edd set
Main paints used: Tamiya and Gunze


In Part one we look at the project ahead and start work on the cockpit

In part two we carry on with the Photo Etched work in the cockpit and then start on the rear cabin.

In part three, we start to liven things up with some simple scratch building before we move on to detailing the engine’s

In Part Four we look the chipping the weather the cargo area.

In Part Five we finish off the engines and install them and then look in detail at the Photo Etched cabin.

In Part 6 we bring it together and finish off the main body of the Hind and then take care of the centre seam of the canopy.

In part 7 we look at installing the photo-etched set and the fit the canopy and check the seams before we start on the primer coat.

In part eight we move on with the primer and the pre-shading before we put down the Haze blue bottom colour with Akan paints.

In Part nine we mask up the lower side and the start work on the camo work and fading and bleaching as we go.

In part 9.5 we airbrush the hind in real time and airbrush the rotor head 

(There’s no talking in the first part of the video)

In part ten we work on weathering the camo in and the basic decaling

In part eleven we move on with the weathering by first removing the carrier film from the decals and weather them in before airbrushing the wash on.

In part 12 we finish of the weathering with dry brushing and then rubbing all over with airbrush cleaner to blend the paintwork and weathering together. We then flatten off the wheels.

In Part 13 we continue with the weathering with stain streaks and the add exhaust smoke stains with black washes

In this final part, we bring it all together with lights and aerials, doors ready for the final reveal photos