A-10 Warthog

Scale: 1/32

Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Parts used: 
Main paints used: Tamiya MRP

In Part One we look at the build ahead and start work opening up the kit for the aftermarket parts

00:00 Intro to the build and listing all the aftermarket parts
05:00 Choosing the Aftermarket parts and looking at the different ones available
15:28 Removing the casing blocks from the resin parts
20:22 Curring open the panels on the A-10 for the aftermarket parts 

In Part Two we install the resin parts and build and paint up the gun.

00:00 Installing the Resin aftermarket parts
05:20 Working on the Gun and installing the nose weight 
10:50 Priming and painting the Resin parts and painting the Gun
21:30 Building the ammunition drum for the gun and the ammunition feed train 

In Part Three we work on the cockpit, painting and weathering and the Photo Etched Panel.

00:00 Painting the resin Cockpit Tub
10:05 Using Flory models light dirt wash to weather
12:40 Picking out the switches with cocktail stick
17:30 Installing the Photo-etched parts to the panel.

In Part Four We work on installing the cockpit and after market parts in the into the fuselage and bringing them together before we start on the wings

00:00 Looking at the completed cockpit
01:40 Working on installing the flaps into the wings
09:28 Glueing the wings together
16:00 Installing all the cockpit and bring the fuselage halves together.

In part Five we start to bring it together finishing off the cockpit and then adding the wings and taking care off all the seams etc 

00:00 Making a CA Filler and adding talcum power for easy sanding. 
06:00 Seam checking and sanding 
14:30 Fitting the wing and making a JIG for alignment 
20:25 Re scribing and riveting 

In part Six we finish of the cockpit and mask up all the clear parts before starting on the engines

00:00 Detailing the HUD
03:30 Removing the centre seam from the canopy
09:10 Masking the canopies up
17:10 Weathering the cockpit with Gray Flory Models wash
18:16 Working on the engines

In part Seven, we work on the engine nacelles and the White metal gear legs

00:00 Working and fitting the Engine Nacelles 
15:00 Removing pin and flash for the white metal gear
23:00 Fitting the Engine nacelles to the aircraft

In Part Eight, we finish off all the construction and add the final details with Archer raised rivets and move into the Spray booth for Priming

00:00 Sanding the engine mount joint
08:10 Working with Archer raised rivets
24:30 Primer coat on with Tamiya XF-1 and XF-86 Blacks

In part Nine, we Take a look the the primer work before moving on with the light Ghost Gray paint

00:00 Looking at the primer coat to check for problems
05:55 Move to the spray booth to start on the light ghost grey FS36375

In part Ten, we add the Dark Ghost grey color and the used our custom mask set from Ron to are the markings.

00:00 Adding the Dark ghost grey FS36375 
16:00 Over to the bench to add Ron’s custom mask set

In Part Eleven, we use Ron’s masks to do the Hogs face marking on the nose of the A-10

In Part 12, We work on post shading the paintwork before we start on the weathering with Washes

00:00 Post-shading with Light and dark ghost grey and adding some darker grey to the mix
13:00 Brushing on Flory models Dark Dirt wash
22:00 Removing the wash with sanders

In Part 13, we add further weathering to the paint with post shading and then scratch build the Lime line formation lights. Then we build, paint and detail the gear.

00:00Post-shadingg with the original Light and Dark Ghost greys paints
13:50 Scratch building the Formation lights
19:45 Building, painting and detailing the gear

In Part 14, we finish off the undercarriage with weathering and fixing in place before putting together fitting the Photo-Etched Master's Gun.

00:00 Weathering the Undercarriage with AK Enamel washes
07:40 Fitting the Undercarriage 
12:45 Building the Master's GAU-8 Barrel 
22:37 Fitting the Barrel

In Part 15, we Check out the gun and unmask before detailing the seat, weathering and finishing off the cockpit

00:00 We Check out the gun and unmask the clear parts
06:00 Dipping the the canopy
19:18 Building and installing the canopy mechanism 
25:11 Adding the front windscreen gadget 

In this final part, we bring the whole thing together and finish off the cockpit and add the wiring hanesess and the arn the Hog all ready for the final reveal.

00:00 Finishing off the cockpit
06:00 Making wiring looms
12:19 Working and fitting the weapons load out
21:13 Final parts fitted and the final reveal.