Tornado IDS/GR1

Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Revell
Parts used: Simple scratch building
Main paints used: Tamiya and Gunze


In part one we look at the different types of Tornado and then start on the cockpit and seats but adding some simple homemade harnesses out of lead wire

In Part two we work on the main construction of the fuselage, we also look at bufferable paints on the engines.

In part three we continue to work on the fuselage and re-scribed. Next, we work on the flaps.

In part four we finish off the construction of the fuselage. We then fix a small problem of my own making.

In part Five, we fix the problem with the gaps in the intake tops, we then mask up ready for painting.

In part six, we scratch build the clear chin pod to bring it up to the GR1 version. Next. we put the gear together ready to move on with the painting stage.

In part 7 we move on to the airbrushing and do last minute checks for bad seams and gaps before we prime the whole thing.

In part 8 we work on the first of the camo work with the grey and weathered it in ready for the green

In part Nine we start work on the green work using the tack worm way and then weather that in.

In part Ten we post shade the model to weather the paint work and then paint the wheel wells and the metal areas of the Tornado

In part Eleven We decal, weather and take care of the loose nose weight.

In Part Twelve, we install the gear, we then install the tricky flaps and slats

In part Thirteen we start to bring it all together and add the reverse buckets and add the staining to the tail.

In the final part of this great build, we bring it all together for the final reveal.