Scale: 1/350

Manufacture: Hobby Boss/ Revell re box
Parts used: Out of the box with LED lighting
Main paints used: Tamiya and Vellejo

In part four we build paint and weather the Airwing

In part five we work on the Island and opening up the windows for our lighting system and then move over to the spray booth to work out way through the priming, pre-shade and pre-lighten areas ready for painting.

In Part Six we work our way through the painting stage of the build. Starting with the base colour we then mask up for the water lines and then anti fowl red.

In part 7 we spay the deck and then start work on the decalling the roughly textured deck and deal with the silvering.

In part 8 we take care of a little silvering with the decals and then start with weathering with clay washes.

In part 9 we further weather with inks and then start the job of the Photo Etched railings all over the ship

In part 10 we start to bring it all together by adding the lights to the island and fixing it in place and replacing the windows.

In this final part, we bring it all together for the final reveal.