B-52H Buff
Scale: 1/72

Manufacturer: Model Collect
Parts used: Out Of The Box
Main paints used: Tamiya and Hataka

In part one, we work on the construction of the flight Decks and start on the fuselage.

In part two, we work our way through the interior and the paint and weather and then bring the fuselage halves together and fill and sand.

In part three, we look at rescribing and the stressed skin.

In part four, more stressed skin effects added

In part five, we machine tool the stressed skin on and then re scribe and re rivet the whole thing !!

In part Six we start to bring things together by installing the wings tail planes and fin and the taking care of the joins by sanding and filling.

In part seven, we finally move on to the painting stage, so first in with the pre shading with flat black and then Hataka Gull grey and light ghost grey for the weathered gunship grey

In part eight, it's more post shading and bleaching the paintwork then painting the flap bays Tamiya XF-4 and then the detailing of the engines.

In part nine, we Decal and then start the weathering with Flory models Dark dirt wash

In Part Ten, we install the gear, pylons and engines.

In the Final Part we bring it all together with last minute weathering and the outriggers gear