Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18 Hornet
Scale: 1/48

Manufacturer: Kinetic
Parts used: Out Of The Box
Main paints used: Tamiya and Xtream Metals

In part one, we look at the build ahead and then start work on the main body of the aircraft and the cockpit.

In part two, we detail paint the cockpit with Tamiya and oils and weather with Dark iron before working on the intakes.

In Part Three, we finish the construction and bring the top and bottoms together and take care of some small caps and the sand and polish the front windscreens center seam out

In Part four, we backdate the kit to the A+ type and install the flaps and slats and then close the gear doors before moving on with the primer.

In Part five, we move into the painting stage only to find a few problems along the way with a nasty mold line needing to be removed and the the masking set we had got and the wrong masks, so we ended up going old school and making our own mask for the Ambush camo.

In Part Six, we add the dark brow black paint
Hataka C30 and then re mask ready for the Light Ghost Grey Hataka C37. Once dry on with the decals by Furball.

In Part Seven, we move on with the weathering, first of with a coat of Tamiya XF-86 Flat and the with a wash of Flory models Dark dirt wash. Next a simple post effect with 502 005 Smoke oil paints.

In the final part, we finish off the oil paint work with Faded Dark Yellow abt020 and then all the lights and small parts. we put together the shadow stand by Model Designs. We used the 250mm Hornet stand. We then mount it up ready for the final reveal