Scale: 1/48

Manufacturer: ICM
Parts used: Out Of The Box
Main paints used: Tamiya and MRP

In part one we look at the build ahead and work on the cockpit and intakes

In part Two, we work on the fuselage and bringing the nose section and fuselage together and the engine nozzles

In part Three, we add the rear fins and look at the wing joins before movent over to the spray booth to pre-shade the canopy area and prime the models using Gunze 1200 surface primer 

In Part Four, we would our way through the paint stage with MRP paints 189 Traffic Grey and 186 Light Grey for shading.

On part Five, we add a little fading and bleaching to break up the paintwork. Next, its time to paint the metal areas with different sades of AK extreme metals

In part Six, we look at the weathering and using the Flory Models Dark Dirt wash and the sanding technique to remove with the wash to give a warn look to the paintwork as well as adding a wash to both raised and recessed details.

In part Seven, we weather up the gear and wheel wells and post shade the Mig and get it on it gear.

In the final part, we add further weathering with 502 oils and then add some details to the canopy and bring it all together for the final reveal