Citroen H Van
Mitsubishi F-1 

Scale: 1/48

Manufacturer: Hasegawa
Parts used: Out of The Box
Main paints used: Hobby Color, MRP

In Part One we build and paint the Cockpit and then get the fuselage together.

00.00 Introduction to build
01.15 Building the seat and intakes
04.40 Buildā€™ paint and drybrush of cockpit Gunze H317 FS36231
11.40 Fitting intake and cockpit
15.05 Buttoning up the fuselage
20.00 Putting the wings together
26.50 Fitting nose and tail
28.10 Completing the fuselage

In Part Two we finish off the construction and fill, sand, rescribe and re rivet. 

00.00 Roundup of off camera construction
03.10 Fitting back and mid plates
09.08 Roundup of parts fitted off camera
20.00 Re-scribing and rivetting
25.30 Fixing the front canopy

In Part Three we move over to the sprey booth and start priming, then in with the preshading and The lower gull grey.

00.00 Priming
12.00 Pre-shading
21.07 Painting the bottom MRP Light Gull Grey FS36440

In Part Four we work on the three tone camo

00.00 Masking the bottom
00.56 Painting the topside camo freehand First colour Gunze 321
15.00 2nd and 3rd camo colours Gunze H319 & H320

In part Five we finish off the camo work and move on with the metal area with MRP paints. Next we decal the F-1

00.00 Tidying and sharpening the freehand work
10.57 Painting the metalwork and overcoating to darken with MRP Burnt Iron, Aluminium and Exhaust Metal 146,147 and 148.
20.22 Matching camo to boxart
21.20 Decaling

In Part Six we move on the weathering using the Flory models Dark Dirt wash and then attach the gear and doors already for post shading.

00.00 Fixing small decaling issues and clear coating with Pledge Floor Care
02.05 Application of a Dark Dirt wash
06.04 Demonstration of wash removal techniques (dry, sanding and damp. Damp used as this is show bird.
17.28 Undercarriage, pylon and speed brake fit

In this final part, we take a detailed look at post shading and washes for detailing ready for the final reveal.

00.00 Matt Coat with MRP Super Clear Matt Varnish 127
03.04 Post weathering with thinned black
15.42 Undercarriage wash with AK landing gear wash
20.00 Streaking top and bottom with thinned AK wash
31.00  Final touches
34.24 Final comments and Reveal

F-1 Part 7 Pic 5.jpg