P-40N Warhawk

Scale: 1/32

Manufacturer: Eduard / Hasegawa
Parts used: Eduard Photo Etched set 
Main paints used: Tamiya and MRP

In part one, we look at the build ahead and start on the cockpit

In part Two, we finish off weathering the cockpit with oils and then work on the wheel well bays and detailing with up with Lead wire and Photo-etched parts.

In Part Three, we look at and install the Magic scale modelling motor system and test run it up, then it's back to the filling and sanding with the home brew gloop

In part Four, we use wire as our power connectors for the engine making brake lines. Then we install the wing section and take care of all the filling, sanding and rescribing and putting back all the detail. Then we use the masking set and mask up.

In Part Five, we prime the P-40 with AK micro Primer and with re scribe and re-rivet before moving on with the pre shading ready to start the paintwork

In Part Six, we start on the painting with Tamiya XF-53  Gray for the underside colour and then lighten and fade the paint. Next we start on the topside with the olive drab XF-62 and lighten with XF-7 yellow

In Part Seven, we carry on with the painting with lightening the olive drab first with yellow then with buff to break up the colour

In Part Eight, we look at the resin gear and the onto the dealing and talk about ways to deal with decaling on difficult curves. next, it's a flat coat of Tamiya XF-56 and a wash of Flory models Grime and Black clay wash.

In part Nine, we move on with sanding off the wash and then do the chipping effect with a sponge. Then it's time to unmask and talk about the base

In part Ten, It on with the base,  we've used a memory box 40cm X 40cm and added a 10mm MDF board and drilled out a hole for the speaker. Then it's in with plaster of Paris for the mud effect.

In part Eleven, we paint and whether the base with Vallejo paints and dark and grime washes before using light and medium pigments to give us the dusty look we are after.

In Part Twelve, we add further weathering with neat oils and show the different technics and then post shade the exhaust and cordite stains to the model

In the final part of the is build, we mount the Warhawk to the base and bring it all together for the final reveal